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Stainless steel sampling vehicle

-- Product details --

This product is suitable to the pharmaceutical preparation(sterile products Except) raw material sampling.According to GMP standard, the sampling vehicles we produced have reached 10000 grade cleanliness.Meanwhile electronics components suits GB1497-85(electric safety standards)and GB-191(packing standard).
Method of use
1.Move the clean sampling vehicle to the sampling place,fasten it(skid),then plug in and turn on electrical power,turn on the switch of the fan.
2.When the fan starts work,turn the voltage to a proper one(general 220V).After the sampling vehicle works 15 minutes,add it to the sampling barrel.
3.When sampling is over,take away the sampling barrel.Turn off the fan and power,pull up power line and move it to the original place.
Main performance parameter
Model PQ-800 PQ-600
Outer demension(mm) 930*715*1950 715*715*1950
220V±20% 50Hz
Maximum power consumption
Clean area demension(mm) 820*600*1450 600*600*1450
Weight 100Kg 80Kg

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